Coaching & Training Plans

Choose What Fits You Best

It is my goal to meet you where you are at as an athlete. While I love working 1-on-1 with athletes, I know that it isn't always in the cards for everyone. That's why I have a range options to help you reach your goal from standalone training plans, to group coaching.

1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 coaching is perfect for those wanting in-depth guidance, motivation, and highly personalized training.

Group Coaching

Coach access and group personalized training make this a budget friendly option for those pursuing the same event or goal.

Training Plans

Personalized or standalone, training plans are a great option for the self-coached, self-motivated athlete who just needs a roadmap to success.

1-on-1 Coaching

Get started today, completely free! We offer a complimentary 60-minute consultation call as well as two free weeks of introductory training so you can take use, and the TrainingPeaks software for a spin.


A step up from a training plan with some coaching




  • 2 emails per month
  • 60 minutes coach call time
  • Monthly training schedules
  • 1 monthly schedule adjustment
  • Season planning
  • Hydration & fueling guidance

Simple, fast and effective flexible move




  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited calls
  • Monthly training schedules
  • Unlimited schedule adjustments
  • Season planning
  • Hydration & fueling guidance
  • "Everyday" nutrition coaching
  • Unlimited workout data review

*There is a one-time, $99 setup fee for any of the 1-on-1 coaching plans. There are no long-term contracts. All coaching is month-to-month.

Give Group Coaching a Try!

Group coaching is a great alternative to 1-on-1 coaching if you have a bunch of friends doing the same event(s), but want to avoid the higher cost of 1-on-1 coaching. With group coaching, you get a custom-built group plan plus regularly scheduled group calls and email and text message access to your coach. Plus, the initial consultation is totally free!

$150/mo. per group

(save more with more people!)

Training Plans

Customized Training Plans

Customized training plans begin with a 60-90 minute initial consult, and are fully personalized for you and your event. Unlike with coaching packages, there is not coach support. Email support can optionally be added if desired.

$50/4 weeks of training plan

+$25/mo. for email support

Standalone Training Plans

These are pre-built plans for a wide range of endurance events. These plans are crafted specifically for the beginner to intermediate level athlete, and include an in-depth guide to help you tweak the plan as needed and self-coach like a champ.